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The State of Virtual Care in MENA

COVID-19 led to an emergence of healthcare innovations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, which has had to reimagine its healthcare delivery system as the pandemic has exposed many weaknesses in its delivery model, creating opportunities for better healthcare delivery with virtual care.

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How Healthcare Technology Can (Believe it or Not) Humanize Medicine

Gadgetry that is time-saving (not to mention life-saving) can be expected to fill the breach.

The Next Frontier For Healthcare: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, And The Metaverse

For many years, healthcare delivery entailed the physical interaction between a patient and physician as a means to receive a diagnosis, medical treatment, or operative care. This changed slightly with the advent of telehealth, which delivered the patient-physician relationship through digital means and the internet.

How Virtual Care Can Close Healthcare Disparities

Advances in virtual technology and changing patient preferences show promise for increasing care access and present an opportunity for budding healthcare entrepreneurs.

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