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Healthcare Institute for Virtual Education

The Healthcare Institute for Virtual Education (HIVE) serves as a source of knowledge, collaboration and educational opportunities for patients, providers and researchers interested in the field of Virtual Care.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative patient-centered care delivery models, enabled by technology, and to advance the impact of virtual care through training, accreditation programs, outcomes research and thought leadership.

Through the digital transformation of healthcare, we are expanding healthcare access, reducing health inequities, and improving health outcomes around the world.

What we do

The HIVE provides a forum for global learning and sharing, bringing critical information to one place for the benefit of many. Users will be able to learn about the challenges faced by patients and clinicians in many countries – challenges related to COVID-19 and the access to virtual care in general.


is for Human

We believe in the re-humanization of healthcare, enabled by technology. The Institute will bring together distinguished thought leaders from the field of medicine, life sciences, human sciences and technology to collaborate on identifying problems and designing solutions to the worldwide crisis and expanding access to virtual care where it’s needed most.


is for Insights

The Institute will establish a “cooperative” for content creation, curation, distribution and validation by virtual care and education experts globally. Understanding the unmet needs of different communities, systems and countries around the world will enable us to co-create solutions to service those needs.


is for Validation

The Institute will oversee certification programs in Digital Transformation and Virtual Care for members who have demonstrated their ability to use Virtual Care platforms to improve access to care and outcomes for patients across a range of use cases.


is for Execution

The HIVE will host working groups to tackle some of the burgeoning problems affecting global health and bringing innovation and emerging technology to transform the way healthcare is taught, delivered and experienced globally.

Dick Olds
Dick Olds

Chair, HIVE Advisory Board

Welcome to the Hippo HIVE. Like many of you, I have been actively involved in patient care both in the US and around the world for many decades. I have often been frustrated by the fact that a shortage in trained manpower and a variety of logistical difficulties have limited our ability to deliver high quality care in many settings, even in a resource-rich country like the US. I watched as patients with disabilities had to be transported with great effort into our clinics for routine care. I observed patients travel for many hours from rural locations to be evaluated by a specialist. I was excited when the US Veterans Administration began conducting more patient care through remote technology such as tele-pathology and virtual care through frontline physician extenders. While at the Medical College of Wisconsin, my department started monitoring ICU patients in small community hospitals remotely on nights and weekends. When I moved to the University of California Health System I saw the development of expansive programs in telemedicine. Yet these positive steps are only still scratching the surface of what is possible. As an international health specialist for 40 years, I saw how cellphone technology leapfrogged poorly functioning land lines in many developing counties connecting people across the globe. Could we harness these technological breakthroughs to bring high quality care and healthcare professional education to every corner of this planet? Our current battle with COVID-19 has forced us to rethink how we design and deliver healthcare, and increase access to under-resourced and underserved sectors of our global community. That is the purpose of the Hippo Healthcare Institute for Virtual Education (HIVE) – to bring together thought leaders, healthcare professionals, patients and investigators to learn from each other and develop the future of virtual care. This is an exciting time in healthcare delivery and I look forward to working with you.

Executive Team

Dick Kile

Executive Director

Mildred Espinoza

Director, Latin America

Lee Phillips

Chief Marketing Officer

Advisors + Institute Fellows

Patrick Quinlan, MD

CEO & Founder, Hippo Technologies, Inc.

Brian Hamilton

President & Founder, Hippo Technologies, Inc.

Wale Sulaiman, MD., PHD., FRCS(C)

Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder

Susan Groenwald, RN PhD

President Emerita, Chamberlain University

Mark Kestner, MD

CMO, TractManager

Joe Guarisco, MD

Guarisco Health Management

Andrew Kitchen

Healthcare Innovation Specialist

Scott Ballenger

Locksmith Advisors

Ana Milena Hands, MD

Vice President, International Health and Transplant Services – Ochsner

David Lawrence, MD

Kaiser CEO Ret.

Gery Barry

President & CEO, Barry Global Strategic Services

Joe Ichter, PhD

Providence Health & Services

John Lucas, MD

Far East Medical Ventures

MG (Ret) Elder Granger, MD


Dirk Peek, MD

Teso Telemedicine Solutions

Abe Shasha

Software Sales Consultant

James Marinucci

Principal & CEO, Alleanza Group

Christine Petersen, MD MBA

Sierra Health Ret.

Sophaganine Ty Wilson, MD

CMO, Naviti Management

Thomas Matthew, MD

Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital

Jake Poore

President & CXO, ILS

Lynn Witherspoon, MD

Ochsner Ret.


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