What to Eat to Suppress Chronic Inflammation

What to Eat to Suppress Chronic Inflammation “It is becoming increasingly clear that chronic inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses” Dr. Andrew Weil As you may already ...
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Health Effects of Spiking Sugar Levels in Blood

Health Effects of Spiking Sugar Levels in Blood “It is easy to fall, but hard to rise.” Dann Moudry This quote may ring true to your life path but for ...
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Models adjusting for geography show racial gaps in telehealth use

Unadjusted research models show high telehealth use among minority race groups during the pandemic, but models that adjust for geography reveal the opposite.
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Female, chronically ill patients more likely to use telehealth

Over 40 percent of patients used telehealth in 2022, but certain groups are more likely to use the care modality than others, new research reveals.
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Cracking 5 Arthritis Myths

Cracking 5 Arthritis Myths “Stop cracking your knuckles, you’re going to give yourself arthritis!” Chances are you’ve heard this before. It’s an old myth, but is it true? And what ...
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Driving the Future of Health

Since 2010, there has been over $100 billion of venture funding invested in digital health companies. Yet despite this growth and the desire from patients and physicians for progress to ...
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Telehealth in care deserts: Helping to overcome barriers created by location, costs, or social stigma

Both patients and professionals are becoming more comfortable with virtual care, helping improve outcomes when access to traditional, in-person care is inconsistent.
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Virtual agents, chatbots can improve care delivery, but trust is critical

Experts emphasized the value of proactive approaches, meaningful interactions and seamless connections to human support while using AI-enabled chatbots in healthcare.
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Machine-Free Sleep Apnea Solutions

Machine-Free Sleep Apnea Solutions Do you often find yourself waking up, gasping for air in the middle of the night? Does your partner complain that you snore through the night? ...
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