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Thought Leaders

Hearing Disorders: A High Unmet Medical Need
Marie Peytavy-Izard

Marketing and Business Development Deputy Director at CILcare

Challenges Facing Nursing Today
Eda Carranza

Nursing Deputy Director at the Hospital of Villanueva Guatemala

How to Improve Sleep Health in Nurses

Pilar Satízabal

Epidemiologist and Researcher

Causes of Stress in Nursing

Marco Antonio Garavito

Director of the League of Mental Hygiene of Guatemala
How Assistive Technology can Improve the Lives of People with Disabilities

Tyler Schrenk.

President and Founder
Tyler Schrenk Foundation
Link between Spirituality and Meaningful Work

Ralph Piedmont, PhD

Managing Director at the Center for Professional Studies
Women on Nanotechnology

Verónica Castro

Researcher & Expert on Nanotechnology
Teleconsultations and Medical Care

Morel Orta

President of the Ibero-American Association on Telehealth and Telemedicine
The Benefits of Using Pharmaceutical Apps to Purchase Medicine

Alejandro González

Manager at Welbi App
Robotics and Medical Technology

Marie André Destarac

PhD on Robotics
Mobile Applications for Virtual Healthcare

Javier Santa Cruz

Founder and CEO of Doctorsco.

Digital Technology is Helping to Improve Education in Remote Areas

Isabel Lobos

Executive Director of Tula Salud.
The Potential of Telemedicine in Latin America

Marcel Roehrs

CEO/Co-Founder of Doctor Online.
Discussed the opportunities and challenges of Telemedicine in Guatemala and other Latin American countries. 
Virtual Technology to Improve Health and Education in Guatemala

Lic. Miguel Ovalle

President of the National Association of Municipalities in Guatemala.

How Virtual Care Can Improve Health Professional Education

Dick Olds

Chair, HIVE Advisory Board.

International Health Specialist with 40 years of experience.

Population Health Management Can Be Transformational

Wale Sulaiman, MD., PHD., FRCS(C)

Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder.

An accomplished neurosurgeon and researcher, a proven leader, and successful entrepreneur.

The Future of Virtual Healthcare

Ana Milena Hands, MD

Vice President, International Health and Transplant Services – Ochsner Health.

Interview discussing the impact of virtual healthcare in transplant programs and improving access to healthcare for all.

The Role of Nursing in Healthcare

Susan Groenwald, RN PhD

Former President of Chamberlain University.
Member of the Board of Advisors of Hippo Hive.

Nursing Deputy Director at the Hospital of Villanueva Guatemala

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