Student Projects

Past, Present, and Future
of Healthcare

The Past, Present + Future of Healthcare in Guatemala

Team Guatemala takes a look at the past, present and future of healthcare in the most populous country in Central America, where 50 percent of the population live in rural areas. They examine the potential for Virtual Care to tackle burgeoning health inequalities, and system fragmentation and inefficiencies.

The Past, Present + Future of Healthcare in Jamaica

Team Jamaica explores the state of healthcare in the largest English-speaking and third largest island in the Caribbean. An aging population, low economic growth and high debt burden are negatively impacting the nation’s public health system, which is already stretched by the triple threat of infectious diseases: Dengue fever, COVID-19 and influenza.

The Past, Present + Future of Healthcare in Malta

Team Malta examines the healthcare system of this small Mediterranean island nation, home to one of the world’s best performing public/private health systems. They explore the potential for Virtual Care to help address some of the island’s public health issues, including smoking, alcohol and substance abuse.

The Past, Present + Future of Healthcare in the Netherlands

Team Netherlands takes a look at why the Dutch healthcare system has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates in Europe, and explore how the government’s focus on digital transformation and the creation of Personal Health Environments has made them a leader when it comes to digital health innovation and delivery.

The Past, Present + Future of Healthcare in Uganda

Team Uganda explores this populous central African nation where average life expectancy is only 62 years and delves into some of the specific challenges impacting community health, including access, infrastructure, technology and cultural barriers, as well as the burgeoning shortage of healthcare professionals in the country.

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