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What’s in a Label? What You Need to Know to Make Healthy Food Choices
What’s black, white, and red all over? The nutrition label on a pack of Twizzlers! Reading a nutrition label is a must-have skill in today’s world of ultra-processed and complex
Hypertension: 5 Ways to Stop the “Silent Killer” Before it Stops You
“The Silent Killer.” The bearer of the name is far more dangerous and deadly than the subject of any true crime podcast or serial killer Netflix binge. This particular serial
5 Tips for Managing Stress
“I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth diminishing your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.” – Steve Maraboli May
How to Minimize Aches & Pains Through Movement – Tips for the Work From Home Crowd
Since the pandemic, many of us have shifted to working from home (WFH). While WFH policies have created a lot of flexibility for us, it also came with a lot
The Truth about Fat: Less is NOT More
Diet culture has cycled through what feels like hundreds of trends: “Go keto and lose 10 lbs in a month!” “Only eat raw, never cooked veggies for optimal health!” And
If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin! 6 ingredients to avoid
I remember a sales pitch used by one of the natural cosmetic companies. At the customer meeting, the sales person would actually eat the cosmetic to show the safety of
What to Eat for Good Kidney Health
“What, did the failed Kidney say to the donor Kidney? I’m out; urine!” Let’s hope this joke never becomes a reality for us… Below your rib cage on either side
3 Cancer-Fighting Foods to Consider for Optimal Health
“You are what you eat,” as the popular saying goes. That rings all the more true when you consider your health—and particularly, your cancer risk. Your diet is one of
Improving the Lives of Dialysis Patients in Rural Clinics
Nephrology is the subspecialty of internal medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. And, like many other medical specialties, it’s facing a critical shortage of providers

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