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3 Natural Pain Therapies
In my previous blogs on pain, I covered some natural interventions for managing arthritis and back pain. With the current opioid crisis and prescribing guidelines tightened for pain medications, consumers
What To Do To Promote Healthy Weight Loss
In a previous blog on weight loss, I covered the importance of tamping down inflammation so your body loses its resistance to getting rid of that unwanted belly fat. In
McKinsey sees possible $250 billion shift toward virtual healthcare
Telehealth utilization is 38 times higher now than before the COVID-19 pandemic.
How is technology changing surgical training?
A new wave of VR tools are making it easier for students to train to use complicated surgical devices.
These telemedicine companies are changing the future of doctor visits
By Tawanda Scott Sambou and Natalia V. Osipova, CNN BusinessAfter years of slowly gaining traction, telemedicine exploded during the pandemic. Now companies are using that momentum to usher in the next wave of
Top Tips for Managing Back Pain
According to the CDC, lower back pain is the most common type of disability globally. In the US, one in four adults reported having back pain in the last three
#ATA2021: The Long-Term Outlook on Virtual Care for Providers and Employers
Experts at the virtual conference shared their perspectives on strengthening telehealth training and employer-provided digital health benefits.
How to Measure the Value of Virtual Health Care
The pandemic spurred a huge increase in the use of virtual health care. To help policymakers, payers, providers assess the various ways in which virtual care programs could have a positive impact for patients, clinicians, payers, and society going forward, the American Medical Association and Manatt Health developed a framework.
Promoting Weight Loss by Demoting Inflammation
If you are like many Americans that struggle to lose excess weight, there’s comfort in knowing that you are not alone and all the odds are stacked against you. As