The Hippo Product Council is a forum to convene leaders from the field of virtual care, healthcare delivery, professional healthcare education, medical devices and health tech industries, who are early adopters of the Hippo Virtual Care platform and related mobility devices.

The purpose of the Hippo Product Council is to set the strategic product direction, allocate product resources and investments, and provide a level of oversight of the company’s product efforts. The Product Council meets on a monthly basis to review existing deployments and new use cases, discuss issues and enhancements to the user experience, and determine product priorities. This ensures that Hippo remains focused on embedding the Voice of the Customer into its future product design and development roadmap.

Dick Kile

Hippo Technologies Inc., Co-chair

Ivan Lumala

Hippo Technologies Inc., CTO

Kerri-Lynn Primmer Morris

Healthcare and Life Sciences, Microsoft Industry Solutions, CTO

Mohummed Feroz

Global Services Business Leader, Lenovo

James Marinucci

CEO, Alleanza Group

Mitch Vanderpoll

Clinical Manager, AngioDynamics

Chris Sullivan

Global Health Practice Lead, Zebra

What you get

Opportunity to shape future product development

Access to industry insights and use cases

Panel speaking opportunities at Hippo virtual events

Opportunity to participate in Hippo Technologies funding rounds

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