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What’s in a Label? What You Need to Know to Make Healthy Food Choices
What’s black, white, and red all over? The nutrition label on a pack of Twizzlers! Reading a nutrition label is a must-have skill in today’s world of ultra-processed and complex
The Gut’s Natural Defense Against Viruses
I listened to a podcast featuring the author of the new book by Robynne Chutkan, MD:  “The Anti-Viral Gut: Tackling Pathogens from the Inside Out”. She is an integrative gastroenterologist
Your Guide to Fats: Which Vegetable Oils Are Bad?
On the cover of health magazines in the 80s, 90s and even into the 2000s, you would have seen a lot of hullabaloo about how fat was Public Enemy #1
Let them eat cake? Merci, Non!
I listened to another great podcast featuring Dr. Steven Gundry, a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon and New York Times bestselling author of The Plant Paradox and Plant Paradox Cookbook.  Dr. Gundry
What’s Growing in Your Backyard? An Introduction to the World of Herbalism
If you do not use chemical fertilizers or weed killers around your house (like me), then you may have some healthy herbs growing in your backyard. However, they can be
The Role of Uric Acid on Diabetes and Chronic Diseases (It’s Not Just about Gout)
I listened to a great podcast featuring Dr. David Perlmutter’s new book. He is a board-certified neurologist and five times New York Times bestseller including the well-known “Grain Brain”.  The
Budget-Friendly Recipes Part 2
During colder weather, it can be a bit more challenging to plan healthier meals as produce-in-season is more limited. In this blog, I’ll share some more budget-friendly recipes and how
5 Tips to Starting Off the New Year in a Healthy Fashion
I used to make New Year’s Resolutions every year until I realized that making promises at the beginning of the year which inevitably get broken within 90 days was not
Natural Detoxification Strategies
We live in a world full of environmental toxins. According to the CDC, more than 400 toxic chemicals have been measured in human samples. With over 80,000 chemicals used regularly

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