Accreditation agencies take on telehealth with new virtual care standards

In the early days of the pandemic, as social distancing forced patients out of doctors’ offices, health care organizations scrambled to offer care online. In turn, health care accreditation organizations rushed to tweak their standards, filling a void in best practices for virtual visits.

How rural America is shaping the future of healthcare

What some call flyover country, I call America’s heartland. It’s the part of the map between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Lakes, in states with more cows than people and roads you can drive for an hour without seeing a gas station.

Driving the Future of Health

Since 2010, there has been over $100 billion of venture funding invested in digital health companies. Yet despite this growth and the desire from patients and physicians for progress to continue, the health care system still struggles to address the ongoing health care challenges of access, quality, outcomes, affordability and equity, even with the introduction of new digital health tools.

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