Driving the Future of Health

Since 2010, there has been over $100 billion of venture funding invested in digital health companies. Yet despite this growth and the desire from patients and physicians for progress to continue, the health care system still struggles to address the ongoing health care challenges of access, quality, outcomes, affordability and equity, even with the introduction of new digital health tools.

How virtual nursing is increasing nurse satisfaction and transforming patient care

In the midst of the national nurse staffing shortage, nurse recruitment and retention are top priorities for most healthcare industry leaders. In addition to providing hands-on patient care, nurses are tasked with a significant number of administrative tasks, which makes it increasingly important for health systems to develop and deploy innovative care models to better support nurses.

The Future of Medicine – Pill or Person?

The Future of Medicine – Pill or Person? Far in the medical future, we imagine amazing tricorder technology and remedies in Star Trek.  When you project our medical technologies (e.g., gene therapy, digital therapeutics, telehealth and AI) into the future the most interesting anomaly in this picture is the doctor. 250 years in the future, […]

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