Digital health tech transforms access to pulmonary rehabilitation programs in India

By EIN Presswire

INDIA, May 30, 2024 / — Mohali-based Zorgers have joined forces with leading UK remote patient monitoring platform, Clinitouch, to help patients with chronic cardio-pulmonary conditions to better manage their health from home.

Backed by over a decade of proven success in the UK’s NHS, patients can use the Clinitouch app to access a digital rehabilitation program and track their progress and symptoms through questionnaires, all from their own home.

Zorgers is an established healthcare at home service, operating in over 19 regions across India. With a high prevalence of pulmonary illnesses across India and low referrals to supporting programs, Zorgers have recognised a critical gap in healthcare delivery that this partnership aims to address.

The dedicated team of Zorgers clinical experts will monitor the patients’ answers and progress, creating alerts for those experiencing difficulties with the exercises or those who are not adhering to the program. This proactive approach ensures that those requiring additional support receive it sooner, maintaining their recovery. It also enables clinicians to track progression and outcomes, using data from the Clinitouch app.

This service will initially target patients with COPD, chronic asthma, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), interstitial lung disease (ILD) and pneumonia. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, Clinitouch has worked closely with Zorgers to co-design questionnaires and exercise programs tailored to local communities across India.

Varun Gupta, Director at Zorgers, commented: “Having been involved in senior and home health care in India for over a decade, we have always noticed a gap in clinical follow-up after patients’ clinic visits or hospital stays. While cardio-pulmonary rehab is well-established in the Western world, it is still in its early stages in India. We’ve supported thousands of patients with cardio-pulmonary diseases such as COPD, chronic asthma and ILD, and have clearly seen the need for better clinical connectivity. With Clinitouch and their extensive experience in supporting the NHS, we are excited use this technology to create an Indian success story in delivering better patient care.”

Grant Ricker, Head of International Partnerships at Clinitouch, added: “Partnering with Varun and the Zorgers team once again demonstrates the value of local partners who understand their market. We can work with and support them to tailor unique offerings that improve outcomes within India. Their keen insight and local expertise have been key to creating a tailored program, and I’m excited for the journey ahead. Together, we’re addressing a critical need and shaping a healthier, empowered future for patients nationwide.”

Ashwin Ravindran, India Head – Healthcare and Life Sciences at the Department for Business and Trade, said: “This collaboration shall be a game-changer in Healthcare at Home facilities and cases where patients are to be monitored remotely across India for cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation and related chronic conditions such as COPD and asthma. This partnership showcases how UK’s innovation in digital health technologies could be utilized in saving lives at scale through such collaborations with innovative and forward-thinking Indian healthcare providers. A GREAT example of UK-India collaboration aimed at creating positive social impact in India.”

Clinitouch technology is now being expanded into multiple new territories worldwide via a global partnership program backed by the UK’s Department for Business and Trade.

Remote patient monitoring projects powered by Clinitouch are now being designed across 13 countries and five continents, for chronic health conditions including COPD, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and more.

Companies who are interested in introducing the technology to their respective countries are encouraged to apply for the program.

For more information about Clinitouch and the Partner Program, visit

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