Driving the Future of Health

Through research, the Future of Health blueprint has been developed to address the digital health disconnect and achieve optimized digitally enabled care.

The AMA is committed to continuing to develop resources and insights, advocate for policy changes that support the future of health and bring diverse perspectives across the industry to the table to keep building on this work. Join us by expressing your interest to commit to the Future of Health pillars (PDF).

How is digital health care changing? AMA continues to prepare and inform physicians by providing high-value insights and actionable resources.

Discover the potential of health at home programs in transforming health care delivery. With advances in technology and supportive policies, care can now be provided in the patient’s home environment. Download the report now.

Gain further insight into commercial payer coverage of digital medicine services through this landscape analysis. Download the issue brief now.

Learn about the latest imperatives for meaningful data sharing to achieve digitally enabled care. Download the issue brief now.

Explore the current landscape of AI in medicine from terminology to current and future use cases to addressing risks. Download the report now.

Discover the diverse applications of telehealth and learn how medical specialties are optimizing virtual care to enhance patient outcomes. Download the report now (PDF).


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