Cigna's top healthcare trends for 2024

By Rylee Wilson

Cigna is expecting employers to turn their attention to virtual care, social determinants of health and behavioral care in 2024. 

The insurer predicted six top healthcare trends for 2024 in a research paper published Jan. 22. 

Here are the six trends that will shape healthcare in 2024, according to Cigna: 

  1. Patients will look to receive care in a hybrid manner — combining in-person, at home and remote monitoring for care. Digital programs will help people engage more in their care in 2024, furthering the move to value-based care, according to Cigna’s report.
  2. Employers will take a greater interest in addressing health equity and social determinants of health for their employees.
  3. Virtual care for behavioral health will continue to grow in 2024, and treating behavioral health alongside physical conditions will be a greater focus for providers.
  4. Employers will invest more in health plan offerings as a retention tool, Cigna predicts, adding things like supplemental benefits for serious illness and incentives for engaging in preventive care.
  5. Remote patient monitoring technology, like wearables, sensors and apps, will continue to grow in 2024. This technology, and other tools, offers employers a chance to reduce health plan costs, according to Cigna.
  6. With rising drug costs, and emerging drug categories like GLP-1 drugs and gene therapies, employers will look for more ways to control pharmacy spending. 

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