by Katie Adams

Before the pandemic, 56.40 percent of Americans did not believe they could receive the same level of care from telehealth compared to in-person care, but recent polling shows 79.85 percent of Americans now say it is possible.

Sykes surveyed 2,000 adults in March 2020 and March 2021 about their telehealth attitudes and experiences. Below are six more notable findings from the survey results, which were released April 6.

  1. In March 2020, 19.5 percent of Americans had a telehealth appointment, whereas 61.05 percent had in March 2021.

  2. In March 2020, 65.6 percent of Americans doubted the care quality provided in telehealth appointments, but in March 2021, 87.82 percent wanted to continue using telehealth services after the pandemic subsides.

  3. In March 2021, 85.52 percent of Americans said telehealth has made it easier to get the care they need.

  4. In March 2021, 64.05 percent of Americans said they would prefer to have parts of their annual physical conducted via telehealth.

  5. In March 2021, 51.64 percent of Americans said telehealth has allowed them to visit their physician more often.

  6. In March 2021, 31.26 percent of Americans said their healthcare costs have decreased since using telehealth.

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