Telehealth is ready for its second dose – introducing virtual care 2.0


After crossing the one-year mark since the onset of the pandemic there is no question that our healthcare system has undergone transformational change. For the first time in history, consumers stopped visiting their medical provider for fear of their personal health. In return, virtual care was thrusted to the center stage of healthcare delivery as a panacea to enable safe, socially distant care. Telehealth adoption spiked at unprecedented rates, with some providers reporting 175 times the number of consultations via telehealth compared to pre-pandemic visits.

However, the healthcare system was woefully unprepared to deliver virtual care at scale, forcing clinicians to scramble and adopt solutions purpose-built for other use cases (such as Zoom and Facetime) as provider organizations lacked the technology infrastructure to deliver efficient and HIPAA compliant virtual care. In time, healthcare systems dedicated substantial resources to respond to the p...

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