How Wearable Computing Can Meet the Challenges of Conducting Clinical Trials in the Era of Covid-19

Woman wearing an iWatch checking her activity

Clinical trials are trying, even in normal times. The global pandemic has created a world of issues that exacerbate an already complex and inordinately long process. It has fueled massive disruptions that will inevitably have long-lasting effects on medical science.As with life in general, the virus has severely affected the ability to conduct trials in safe and effective ways. An especially troubling fact when you consider that trials often deal with those vulnerable populations most at risk from exposure.Thousands of trials have been suspended or stopped due to difficulties in continuing under ever-changing and restrictive conditions. Distrust and safety concerns among patients are at unprecedented levels. Physical distancing to protect them, as well as clinical staff, is paramount. Non-COVID-19 clinical trials down 80% due to the pandemicThe Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development interviewed 25 organizations which revealed the following troubling statistics on the impact of ...

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