Healthcare IT News // How one health system harnessed AI, telehealth to combat coronavirus

By Kat Jercich

When the United States reported its first COVID-19 case in January 2020, the Medical University of South Carolina activated its telehealth response – months before swathes of other health systems rapidly pivoted to virtual care. 

By April, that response included virtual urgent care, remote patient-monitoring, continuous virtual monitoring for in-unit patients and a shift in ambulatory care services.

According to a new manuscript published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 67,577 patients completed a virtual urgent care screening through the MUSC's COVID-retooled system between March 7 and April 22; 14,924 met the criteria for COVID-19 testing.

The VUC system had been in place since 2015, explained the team in the manuscript, with the goal of providing rapid access to care for low-risk clinical conditions. 

"We redesigned our existing virtual urgent care with the overall goal of keeping patients w...

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