Health Tech Magazine // #ATA2020: Preparing Clinical Staff for Virtual Care Delivery

It’s time that organizations focus on the people who will truly make virtual care work.

by Andrew Steger

Virtual care is now essential to modern medicine.

This shift has been astoundingly rapid: In a single week, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford saw its daily number of virtual outpatient visits jump from 20 to 400. Kadambari Beelwar, the California hospital’s telehealth manager, tells HealthTech that the number of visits surpassed 600 soon after that.

But this massive change in care delivery has had its challenges. With medical training traditionally centered around in-person care, there is now a need for specially trained clinicians — those who are well-versed in the technology and clinical protocols of virtual care.

“Clinicians have been thrust into taking a history, performing physical exams and generating differential diagnoses using telehealth without any proper training or competency, or maybe even touching the equipment,” Ann Froncz...

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