Natural Ways to Heal Your Gut

I recently listened to an interesting podcast on inflammation and the gut offered by Dr. Elena Villaneuva at Modern Holistic Health. In one of their materials for the masterclass, they outlined the importance of gut function and how chronic inflammation leads to various diseases.
Here is a short summary:

Why is the gut so important to our health? Our gut not only digests food but makes the brain’s neurotransmitters and impacts 70-80% of our immune system. Proper digestion by our gut is necessary to break down food and absorb the nutrients. If you experience poor digestion like upset stomach, gas or bloating after a meal or from eating fats and carbohydrates, your gut is telling you it’s not functioning optimally.

Your brain sends signals to your gut and has the ability to influence the intestinal microbiota. In the same way, the gut has the ability to influence brain and behavior. A perfect example is having butterflies in your stomach when you’re nervous. So the good bacteria in yo...

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