Cracking 5 Arthritis Myths

Cracking 5 Arthritis Myths “Stop cracking your knuckles, you’re going to give yourself arthritis!” Chances are you’ve heard this before. It’s an old myth, but is it true? And what ...
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Managing Migraines Naturally

Managing Migraines Naturally If you regularly suffer from migraines, you may be familiar with this song by Twenty One Pilots.  The lyrics ring true for so many that have to ...
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Nature’s Brilliance — Food as Medicine

How 6 Natural Foods Have Impacted Modern Medicine “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is attributed to Hippocrates and although he did not see food and ...
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Exercising to Prevent Osteoporosis

Did you know that osteoporosis and osteopenia (low bone mass) affects more than 50 million Americans and causes bones to become weak and brittle? For older women, it is a ...
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Weekend Warrior Injury Prevention and Management: Part 2

As we age, our mind may say ‘yes’ but our body says ‘no’. If you love sports and activities but mostly enjoy them at the weekend, you may be a ...
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Injury Prevention Tips for Weekend Warriors

If you enjoy the great outdoors, yardwork, gardening, sports but like many of us, have sedentary jobs, you may be labeled a ‘Weekend Warrior’. These folks typically sit in the ...
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3 Natural Pain Therapies

In my previous blogs on pain, I covered some natural interventions for managing arthritis and back pain. With the current opioid crisis and prescribing guidelines tightened for pain medications, consumers ...
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Top Tips for Managing Back Pain

According to the CDC, lower back pain is the most common type of disability globally. In the US, one in four adults reported having back pain in the last three ...
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Tips for Managing Pain: Arthritis

According to the CDC, an estimated 78.4 million adults will have some form of physician-diagnosed arthritis (one in four of the population) by the year 2040 with about 35 million ...
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