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How to be like an elephant: Keys to strengthening your memory
I remember watching a drama about a man who had a unique condition where he had a flawless and unfading memory of everything, including the tragic circumstances of his childhood.
Liking Snakes – Overcoming Emotional Addiction
In a previous blog, we shared how self-sabotage happens because of the body and brain’s need for safety. Now, we’ll go into how the body and brain become physically addicted
Are You Addicted to Your Emotions
Have you felt stuck in self-sabotaging patterns? Like you’re constantly trying to break out of old habits, but for some reason, you can’t quite make new choices stick? If that’s
Is That a Lion Coming My Way? Managing our Stress Responses
Imagine that you’re in the grassy plains a few thousand years back. You’re out alone, gathering plants, when you notice a looming figure in the distance – it’s a hungry
The 5-Minute Morning Routine for a Fantastic Day
“How you wake up each day dramatically affects your level of success in every single area of your life.” – Hal Elrod, Author I listened to an interesting podcast on
The Neuroscience Behind Hypnosis Part 2: The 5 Brainwave States
Did you know that your brain is actually a highly complex, well-tuned electrical engine? It’s true! Your nervous system—which includes the brain, spinal cord, and nerves—communicates through fast-moving electrical signals
Are You Mesmerized Yet? An Introduction to Hypnosis
“Hypnosis is the oldest Western form of psychotherapy, but it’s been tarred with the brush of dangling watches and purple capes. In fact, it’s a very powerful means of changing
The Importance of Self-Care Part 2: Preventing Burnout
If you’re like me and often accommodate stressful situations because of an overload of work, family and social commitments, read on! Burnout can be sneaky, as it creeps up on
5 maneras de lograr la aptitud mental
Recientemente, tuve el placer de reunirme con Cara Bradley, autora de bestsellers (On The Verge: Wake Up, Show Up and Shine), entrenadora de fortaleza mental y recientemente nombrada como una

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