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The Truth about Fat: Less is NOT More
Diet culture has cycled through what feels like hundreds of trends: “Go keto and lose 10 lbs in a month!” “Only eat raw, never cooked veggies for optimal health!” And
What to Eat for Good Kidney Health
“What, did the failed Kidney say to the donor Kidney? I’m out; urine!” Let’s hope this joke never becomes a reality for us… Below your rib cage on either side
Essential Nutrients for Better Eye Health
When you think about food and nutrition, your mind likely goes to heart health, weight, maybe even hormonal balances. But did you know that your diet plays a major role
The Ugly Truth about Artificial Sweeteners
“Sugar pie honey bunch, you know that I love you,” is how the song “Can’t Help Myself” by The Four Tops begins. The singers were talking about their sweetie – a
Blue Zones and the Keys to Healthy Longevity
Occasionally on the news, you’ll see a headline about a woman who lived to 112, or perhaps someone in your county who just hit their 100th birthday. But what if
Cardiovascular Disease is Not Just About the Heart
I listened to another great podcast on Dr. Mark Hyman’s Farmacy – Longevity Roadmap series.  He and his guests from The Ultrawellness Center where they focus on a functional medicine
The Diet Army Against Cancer
Albert Einstein said “Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.”   A proper whole-foods based diet does more than keep you healthy, it can also help your body actively fight against cancer
Hypertension – It’s Not Just About the Salt
Hypertension is one of the most prevalent medical conditions in the nation, affecting nearly half of all adults in the US. However, many people are unaware of the risks and
Breaking the Binge Eating Cycle: Darn it – It’s your hormones
Binge eating plagues a lot of us. The post-meal or late night snack raids of Domino’s pizza, a box of Oreo’s, or a pint (or two) of Jenni’s ice cream

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